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HAWK Pedestrian Traffic Signal on Sunset to Begin Functioning

HAWK pedestrian traffic signal on Sunset Street to begin functioning Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Starting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 21, the HAWK (High Intensity Activated Crosswalk) pedestrian traffic signal will begin functioning at the new crosswalk on Sunset Street east of Kimbrough Avenue.

Electronic message signs have been placed on Sunset to notify motorists that this new signal will be in full operation on Tuesday. This crosswalk is a part of The Link, a route for people to walk and bicycle on a corridor of streets that have slow speed and low traffic volumes connecting greenway trails, parks, schools and other centers of activity.

About the project
This project includes a path from South Creek Trail to the crosswalk and along the south side of Sunset Street to Kimbrough Avenue. The path with the crosswalk and HAWK signal provides a comfortable way for people that live in the Cowden Elementary School neighborhood to get to the South Creek Trail.

"This project, as well as others associated with The LINK and greenway trails, help provide routes through the city on which people feel comfortable as they walk and bike," says Project Engineer Jonathan Peitz. "Having a route at their front door instead of having to drive to a trailhead or park makes it easier for people to decide to walk or bike instead of taking a car for a short trip to school, work, to eat, to shop or for recreation."

About the HAWK signal
Once the HAWK signal is operating, motorists will normally see a signal head with three dark signal lenses. A person approaching the crosswalk from the path will see an orange hand indicating STOP. When the person on the path pushes that button on the pole at the crosswalk, the signal that the motorist sees will light up, first as flashing yellow, then as solid yellow, then as solid red, and finally as a flashing red alternating between two lenses.

The person crossing Sunset Street will see a white walking person when the motorist sees the solid red signal, and a flashing hand when the motorist sees the flashing red light. The flashing red light indicates that the motorist should stop at the crosswalk, but may proceed across the crosswalk if no one is in the crosswalk in front of them.

At the conclusion of the signal cycle, the signal for the motorist will again become dark and the signal for a person approaching Sunset Street will indicate the orange hand.

For more information, contact: Jonathan Peitz, City of Springfield, at 864-1994.




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